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Corporate, Virtual and Hybrid Events

Number of Guests

50 - 1500+

Some Places We've Been!

New York City, NY
Chicago, IL
Houston, TX
Raleigh, NC
Washington D.C.
Kona, HI
San Diego, CA

Conferences and Tradeshows

One of our favorite types of events to plan because of all the opportunities it provides! Getting to meet a wide variety of industry professionals while exploring cool new cities, you can never go wrong.

The Lululevents Team began managing conferences in 2016 and corporate tradeshows in 2022, and in the past year, it has allowed us to travel to both nationally and internationally, accommodating 200 - 500+ attendees with a 92%+ average conversion rate, year over year.

In addition to the event mangement, execution and planning of conference and tradeshows, Lululevents also has experience in sponsorship and exhibit management, including the creation of prospectus' and branding opportunities, speaker coordination, external key stakeholder communications, and more.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

As easy as it is to attend a virtual event in the comfort of your own home, it also provides the great challenge of getting attendees to actively participate.

Over the past nine years, the Lululevents Team has built events on a variety of Web Conferencing Software platforms to help corporate business' manage their virtual events to their unique brand and ensure their attendees get the most out of their experience. From pre-conference marketing to driving live-attendee engagement, Lululevents has successfully reported 87%+ in participation rating to audiences of 200 - 1500+.

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